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Age: 21

Hometown: Checotah, OK

When did you first start to sing?
I started in church when I was about 3.

Do you have any formal singing training?

What other talents do you have?
Play guitar, play piano.

If you don't make it on AMERICAN IDOL, what will you do?
I will go back to school and finish.

What are your personal goals in life?
To be happy.

What album would your friends be surprised you own?
George Michael.

Who is your AMERICAN IDOL?
My mommie.

Do you have any rituals or things you do each time before you perform?

Favorite male pop artist?
George Michael.

Favorite female pop artist?

Most embarrassing moment?
The whole Ryan "stars" comment.

What has been your proudest moment in life so far?

If you couldn't sing, which talent would you most like to have?
Be the drummer of a rock band.

What is your definition of an AMERICAN IDOL?
Someone who is nice, talented, and deserves it.

Who is your favorite judge and why?
Randy. He called me "dawg".

What would people be surprised to learn about you?
I can't buy underwear.

How has this changed your life?
It's made me appreciate my family more.

Do you have any lucky charms?
Fuzzy Wuzzy (the bear).

Who are your heroes in life?
My mother.

What's been your toughest obstacle in life?
I haven't experienced one yet.

Do you think the audition process was fair?

If you win, who will you thank first?
God and my parents.

--- from the official Carrie Underwood website