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I, Natalie Horler, was born in Bonn, Germany on the 23rd of September 1981 and I'm English. As my parents had moved from England to Germany a year earlier, I grew up here with them and my two sisters and still enjoyed a very English childhood. My mother Christine is a foreign language teacher and my father David is a jazz musician with the WDR Big Band in Cologne. It is, of course, from him that I've inherited my passion for music.

When I was very young I would often do recordings in my father's studio at home, a lot of the time jazz-and Disney songs. I could never really say when I started singing -- I just enjoyed it so much, that I knew at a very, very early age that I wanted to become a singer.

Apart from singing, I've always taken different kinds of dancing lessons, like step dance, jazz dance, hip-hop and street dance and have acted in a few amateur plays as a teenager.

As my father often directed the music of these plays, I also helped with the vocal recordings and rehearsals.

Next to dance music,I also love soul music and, due to my father, jazz. Alicia Keys is for example one of my idols.

At 18 I started doing studio work here and there. I'd record some tracks for different DJs. That's how I ended up meeting Manuel Reuter (DJ Manian) and Yann (Yanou)....

We did a couple of songs and they soon became quite successful.

Now as Cascada I'm touring with my very talented dancers Falk and Essa, to places like Austria, Ireland, America and of course Germany.

And I'm having a fantastic time....

--- from the official Cascada website